Photon counting is the only way to get as much information brought by light as it is physically possible. Here we present the system allowing to detect not only arrival time of individual photons but also a position as straightforward as camera. Standing on the shoulders of night vision technology LINCam allows to extend any simple wide-field microscope to the powerful fluorescence lifetime imaging system.

Download LINCam-Datasheet.pdf.

Fluorescence lifetime imaging

Example of lifetime imaging of a lily of the valley slice sample. The intensity image (a) is a histogram of the positions of acquired photons. Lifetime analysis reveals four lifetime components: τ1 = 0,19; τ2 = 0,67; τ3 = 1,95 and τ4 = 3,75 ns. The resulting overlay image (b) of the intensity image and average lifetime is shown.

Lily of the valley FLIM

Acquisition system

Everythng one needs for robust and reliable single photon counting in a single box. The acquisition system integrates time to amplitude converter, analog to digital converters, power suppliers, reference signal constant fraction discriminator and more. Just plug it to USB 2.0 port.

Integrated acquisition system