Reads .PHOTONS metadata.


info = photonscore.file_info(filename)


file_info(filename) retrieves metadata from the file given by filename.


filename String specifying path to a .PHOTONS file.

Return values

info Structure holding file information with the following fields:

  • aat_frequencty
    Numeric value specifying frequency of absolute arrival time clock in Hz.
  • created
    String value formatted as a date and time of file eation.
  • detector_guid
    String holding globally unique LINCam system identifier.
  • dt_channel
    Numeric value of ΔT channel width in picoseconds.
  • dt_bias
    Numeric value of TAC bias as set by the user in acquisition program.
  • duration
    Numeric value of total duration of the recorded photon streams in seconds.
  • file_guid
    String holding globally unique file identifier.
  • photons_count
    Numeric 64 bit integer numeric value of total number of recorded photons.
  • raw_info_
    cell array of all metadata read from the file in raw form;


Get the information about gfp.photons file.

>> photonscore.file_info('gfp.photons')

ans =

  struct with fields:

     photons_count: 59905889
         raw_info_: {26×3 cell}
           created: '2019-02-28 14:31:23.166'
         file_guid: '{d47b5c6b-bd16-401a-97ea-e63e58e872ee}'
           dt_bias: 4095
        dt_channel: 23.2900
    aat_frequencty: 100000000
     detector_guid: '{961a443c-697d-426b-b991-2abe8485695c}'
          duration: 353.4260

The structure above reports there are about 59.9 million photons in this recording that lasted for 5 minutes and 53.426 seconds (353.4260).